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Product labels :

Organic Category:
Organic Certified – Products coming from Organic Certified farms. Products are organic and no chemicals used during cultivation.
Organically Grown – Products coming from farm following Organic practises. But farm is not certified. Products are organic and no chemicals used during cultivation.
Naturally Grown (ZBNF) – Products coming from farms follow Zero Budget Natural Farming methods. Products are organic and no chemicals used during cultivation.

Safe-to-Eat Category:
Hydroponic Grown – Products are not organic, fertilizers are supplied through water. Synthetic fertilizers are used in cultivations. Products are residue free. Usually costlier than Organic.
Safe-to-Eat – Products coming from farms following GAP (Good Agricultural Practises). Synthetic fertilizers are used in farming. But the products usually are residue free and superior to conventional products which are normally available in the market. Source of origin is known.

Inorganic Category:
Conventional – In-organic products, usually coming from aggregators where the source of origin is not known to us. This is equivalent to what is available in market.


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