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Products coming from farms follow Zero Budget Natural Farming methods.

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Mallikarjun Farm - Saturday

Mallikarjun Farm

Farmer name   : Mallikarjun

Farm name       : Mallikarjun Farm - Saturday

Farm location : Seethakempanahalli village

Farm size         : 12 Acres

Varieties grown : Color  Capsicum,Green Chilli, Cauliflower, Bottle Gourd, Green Cucumber, Ridge Gourd, Sweet Pumpkin, white Pumpkin,Sambar Cucumber.

Agriculture practices : Regularly using jeevamrutha, neem oil, neem cake, cow manure cake and bio pesticides and bio fertilizer.

Bridging the gap between producers and consumers

We believe, it is of utmost importance that people know what goes on their plate and on the plates of the ones they feed.

By making available information of the vendors that we source our produce from, we are creating a bridge of transparency between our consumers and vendors.

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