5 Secrets on How to Make Your Own Organic Food Garden on Your Balcony

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The idea of having an organic garden in most balconies is fast becoming one that is very rampant over time. Having your own food garden is one task that can be quite fulfilling and frustrating at the same time, which is why most individuals who set out at it end up giving up before getting results. 

However, with appropriate planning, execution and patience, you can achieve mind-blowing results that will make your garden a source of reference for many other aspiring individuals like that. 

Things to Gain from Growing Your Own Organic Food Garden

Being well informed on the benefits of having your own organic food gardenis the first step to ensuring a successful gardening process as you become more well-informed on it. Below are some of the benefits to be harnessed from having your own garden; 

You get your vegetables fresh from the source

Organically grown vegetables have been shown to be tastier to eat and also quite nutritious to the body. This can be attributed to the fact that you are involved with the food right from its growth period to harvest.  

It is a great means of saving money

Starting your own garden will most probably seem like a very costly plan to embark on initially, but looking at it more critically will reveal to you that it is actually a very cost-effective method. After the initial procurement of materials to be used, there will be more of income than output which means you do not have to buy your vegetables from stores, helping you to save on costs both for the product itself and also the transport means. 

Important Tips To Bear In Mind When Starting Your Own Organic Food Garden

Pick a perfect location on your balcony!

After deciding to embark on this journey of having your own organic food garden, the very first step should be picking the perfect spot on your balcony that will suit this aim. This decision is dependent on a number of factors. The amount of sunlight being passed directly to that spot is very important, nearness to a water supply is also a very important factor. These factors are very important because a plant’s growth cannot occur without water and sunlight. Hence, so as to not frustrate every other effort you will be putting into this task, the perfect spot has to be identified first.

Pick a friendly soil type!

The type of soil being used is a very strong determinant of how well your plants will grow and it can also be a determinant of how nutritious your harvest will be. For instance, ensuring that you use soils that are rich in fulvic mineralshelps ensure that your food has fulvic acid, which is responsible for helping the body to get rid of toxic elements in it.  Making use of a compost-rich soil will help facilitate a faster and more robust growth of your plant. 

What types of plants do you want to grow?

Knowing the type of plant you want to grow is a strong informant of the type of garden you aim at having. It should, however, be noted that virtually any kind of vegetable and edible herb can be grown in this format. Even plants such as the cinnamon tree have been shown to thrive well in potted growing, under the right circumstances. 

Your budget is very important

The size of your pocket is directly proportional to the size of the garden you can have. For beginners, involvement with a scrap shop can help to save some money. Starting small scale initially can be quite helpful in ensuring that you get the best results. Another helpful means can be involving your family in the manpower tasks such as watering, composting, and manure application. This will prevent the intent of employing another person to help with these things, thereby saving costs. 

Patience is very key

Having good success in organic balcony gardening requires a whole lot of patience, especially for beginner’s case. In most cases, it initially seems like there are no changes, consistency is, however, the key in such cases. Without patience, you might as well join the league of other people who dropped out of this journey before seeing results.