Organically Grown Drumstick (Moringa) leaves – 1 Bunch (300 Gms)

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The genesis of ‘Cupid Greens ‘ is that 3 friends – a Food fanatic(Ashok) , a Chef ( Karthik) and a bio-technologist(Sheeba), set out to devour the best and varied gourmet available in the ‘Green City’ for the last one year, and to our dismay ‘the qualification of how green are the Veggies ‘ is left to each one to ponder.

A detailed analysis left us stumped –
Food and Farming Derailed – Food has become Toxic. 54 different Pesticides are found in Spinach and Greens. Unfortunately, washing Veggies and Fruits isn’t much help as the chemicals used today are ‘systemic’ as they are taken by the roots and distributed throughout the plant. The ‘ Toxic loading’ has its effect in the immediate and long term – a detailed info is available in the net.

At present, Vegetable is commoditised and there is less awareness among customers – Perception of distinction with regard to quality is absent – the background of where it is grown, how it is cleaned, is it devoid of harmful fertilizers & pesticides?

99% of the F&V are Inorganic in nature.

This made us to seriously consider to start farming, for ourselves and our children and Parents – for our health and goodness; and also to serve the community around.

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