Organically Grown Langra Mango(Ready to eat) – 2Kg Box


VijaysOrganic, started with a simple goal of reintroducing people to the true taste of mango, takes pride in chemical free organic/ natural farming. We believe that mango is the king of all fruits. Prolonged usage of pesticides, fertilizers, ripening agents and other chemicals has tarnished the brand, mango. VijaysOrganic would like to share with you the taste of this fruit in its pristine form.

Our farms are in the village of Garnimitta, 60kms from Tirupathi, between Chittoor and Kadapa. We grow the following varieties: Himayat, Dasheri, Alphonso, Mallika, Benishan (Bangenapalli), Malgoova, Pedda/Chinna/Cheruku Rasaalu and Suvarna rekha.

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NimbleGrowth Organics Producers Company Limited

NimbleGrowth Organics – a venture focused on end to end production and distribution of organic vegetables and Fruits. With the strong network of farms Spread in the highly cultivation favorable lands of HAVERI and RANEBENNUR. We produce certified organic products directly from our own farm and supplying the produce in and around Bangalore. We aim to grow and deliver healthy and chemical free food, and thrive on a mission – “ORGANIC TO ALL”.
Farming Practice
Sundararaman Concept S. R. Sundararaman, a pioneer in organic farming, formulated a low-cost, easy alternative to drip irrigation. This innovative method reduces irrigation water consumption by 60 per cent and increases soil carbon content to produce a robust yield.
PRACTICE OF MEM Micro Organism Enriched Mixture, a mixture of highly enriched components which is spread on the fields before the start of cultivation that gives the crop the essential nutrients.
PRACTICE OF Jeevamrutha Jeevamrutham is an organic fertilizer which provides an environment beneficial microbes to boost the plant growth and give a good yield. Jeevamrutha is a mixture of of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, flour, soil and water.
PRACTICE OF Panchagavya Panchagavya is a growth enhancing mixture consisting of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, tender coconut and water. This mixture when appropriately mixed and sprayed, promotes growth and provides immunity in plant system.
Farm Products All of our farm products fall into one of the 2 baskets: Vegetables & Fruits. These products are 100% organic and are free from pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. We ensure that our farmers are well trained, paid, and have access to the best resources to produce healthy crops. Our farmers follow sustainable agricultural practices to produce wholesome and hygienic crops in the best interest of our customers

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