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Over the years we have come across many tips and tricks from both our customers as well as our farmers. Here are a few that we’ve rounded up.

Tip#1 : So this is something that we learnt from one of our vendors a few years ago and we’ve been sharing with a few of our customers. Many fruits, including tomatoes and apples, produce ethylene gas, which accelerates ripening of other fruits.

Tip #2: We learned this by experience. This is by far, the best way to keep the greens fresh throughout the week. How do you store your greens?

Tip #3: Jackfruit is quite a difficult fruit to handle, Hopefully these pointers can help.

Tip #4: Now, this is a tip that is straight from our grandmothers.

Tip #5: Some knowledge shared by one of our customers. (There’s something to learn from everyone)

Tip #6: The last tip in this series, we’ll do the next one once we’ve managed to collect some more. Until then, if you have any tips and tricks that you religiously follow, Please share!

Let us know in the comments, if you found these useful and want some more.