The Avocado hype.

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Avocado toast is now more than just a millennial trend. Avocados have now found their way into our Indian dishes, right from Chapattis to Kheer. So why has Avocado risen to the status of most popular fruit these days? It’s not just the butter-ey texture! There’s got to be something more.
Many years ago, in the ’80s the Avocado awareness was so low, that people would just cut down their trees, having no idea what has to be done with the fruit. For a while, it was just making a contribution to Guacamole. But now, its presence has become so ubiquitous that, an Australian millionaire blamed avocado toast for low home sales among Millennials.
But in reality, Avocado’s are not just a popular trend but have, in fact, have become quite commonplace. The growing number of dairy-free diets that have started to become popular is one factor. This has led to Avocado being used in Smoothies, Smoothie bowls, Sandwiches and maybe just a dessert-fruit. Along with the growing awareness of healthy eating, the improvements in the supply chain in areas like ripening and grading were contributing factors.
  1. Loaded with Vitamins.
  2. They Contain more Potassium than Bananas.
  3. Avocado Is Loaded With Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.
  4. Loaded with fibre.
  5. Know to lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels.
And the bottom line is that it is simply tasty and easy to accommodate into your diet.
Tips and uses :
1. It should be soft to touch before cutting.
2. The avocados may take a little longer time to ripen because of the cold weather. You can wrap it paper and keep in a warm place to ripen quicker.
3. It has good cholesterol and is great for hair and face masks too.
4. Mash avocados into your chapati dough to get soft Phulkas.
5. Someone even experimented with Avocado Kheer
6. Avocado Soufflé: Beat up the avocado add cocoa powder and honey/ sugar. It steps beautifully
7. Guacamole and bread.
8. You can make ice cream and milkshakes with avocados. They are great in salads and pasta too.
Get your Avo on now!

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