Brewcha makes Kombucha, a brewed tea beverage consumed for over 2000 years. Legend has it, the great Japanese emperor, Inyoko was healed with brewed "cha" made by the imperial doctor, kombu. In his honour, this drink was called Kombucha. Kombucha is a naturally made probiotic. Probiotics help improve our digestion and gut health. Over 60% of our immunity comes from our gut, and regular consumption of Kombucha can aid in improving gut health and thereby the immunity of an individual. Read our blog to learn more about this Every batch of our Kombucha is brewed only in glassware. We have gone to the source to find the best ingredients to use in all our brews. The loose tea leaves used are sustainably sourced from a rain-forest alliance certified farm. The sugar used is of export quality. Only reverse osmosis water is used in all our brews. All the ingredients & flavouring used are entirely natural to make 100% natural Kombucha. We don't pasteurize our Kombucha to preserve all the probiotic goodness in it.

Owner: Brewcha Kombucha

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