Dhruvdhaanya Agro Farm is based in Antur-Bentur in northern part of Karnataka which is around 40 kms from Hubli. We manage around 50 acres of land and majority of land consist of fertile black soil.

We specializes in cultivating Red Chilli, Cotton, Oil seeds, Millets and Pulses. The black soil is also called as Regur. This is specialized soil type because of its nature to be more moisture retentiveness and high clay content.

This soil contains many natural essential nutrients like Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium along with some content of humus as well and also the black soil develops deep crack during hot weather helping in proper aeration of the soil. All these things help in proper crop development.

At Dhruvdhaanya farm we believe in natures own processes and all our products are naturally grown fit to eat and organic in nature.

Owner: Dhruvdhaanya

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